Saturday, September 11, 2004

MY heart's desire

This is my first "blog" pretty cool, huh, I can write and send out to total strangers my hearts desire. I can only imagine what some folks may think. But it is ok. I know what it is. Many things, right now, it is seeing my husband, he is a trucker on the road. I used to live on the road with him, 3 yrs in fact. I worked harder in that truck then I ever thought of in a house... House,now that is a desire, that has finally has come to pass. Just got moved in our very first house. 1800 sq ft., brand new couch, 4 acres of land in the desert. But hubby is on the road, so some desires,grand though they be, just don't satisfy. You know what I mean. I have many other desires, though. What are your desires. I want to please my hubby but there is someone else I need to desire more. Tell you about it tomorrow, for right now my desire to crawl into bed is more desireable then anything else